Student Advocate

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The Student Advocate was established by Article 55 of National Law 4009/2011 with the aim of mediating between students and teachers or administrative services of the University so as to address maladministration, to maintain the legality and safe-guard its proper functioning. The Student Advocate is not responsible for examinations and student ratings.

As part of their responsibilities, the Student Advocate investigates cases of their own accord or upon a student’s request and mediates with the relevant bodies to resolve them. It may ask the University services for any information, document or other evidence in the case, to examine persons and/or to order an expert opinion. If they find that there is no legality in a particular case, maladministration is observed or the proper functioning of the University is disturbed, they shall notify the professor concerned or the relevant administrative department and the student submitting the report, and strive to find, by any means, a convenient way to solve the problem. The Student Advocate may, by his/her act, file a report which s/he considers manifestly indefinite, unfounded, or unsubstantiated, and if s/he considers that any evidence of a disciplinary offense is present, s/he shall forward the case to the competent disciplinary body.