Career Liaison and Innovation Office

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The University of West Attica, committed to its philosophy of connecting the University community with the labor market, has developed and operates the Department of Interconnection, Mediation & Innovation.

The Liaison and Innovation Office is an organized effort of UNIWA to support and expand communication between the academic community and the labor market. In essence, the Liaison and Innovation Office, together with the University’s Research Community, the Industry and Social Bodies, work in an effort to capitalize on the creative work of the University’s research potential to enhance evolution and progress.

The Liaison and Innovation Office addresses:

  • All Higher Education students and graduates, with priority to those coming from UNIWA.
  • All businesses in the Private and Public Sector, Organizations, Local Government Services in Collective Bodies such as Chambers, Associations, etc.


Having a modern communication network as a fundamental basis, the Liaison and Innovation Office is working to achieve the following goals:

  • Contributing to the training, specialization and vocational rehabilitation of the senior students and graduates of UNIWA.
  • Meeting the needs of Businesses and the Labor Market via specialized executives.
  • Informing the University about the needs and requirements of Production and participation in the reformation processes of the curricula.
  • Cooperation with respective University Offices in Greece and abroad.