The University


The University of West Attica (UNIWA) was founded in March 2018 by the National Law 4521. The foundation of the newly established University resulted from the merging process of the former Technological Educational Institute of Athens and the Piraeus University of Applied Sciences.

UNIWA is a dynamic and constantly evolving institution that strives to fulfill its vision and mission, and to achieve its goals investing in the development of modern teaching methods, adapted to students’ needs and responsive to competitive labor market and society requirements, as well as in its modern facilities and infrastructure (i.e., teaching resources, classrooms, laboratories/workshops, scientific equipment).

Our University offers contemporary Undergraduate and Postgraduate study programmes, which give our graduates the opportunity to acquire specialized scientific knowledge, skills and competences, linking academia to both society and the labor market.

At UNIWA, there are twenty-seven Departments operating under the academic umbrella of five Schools, covering a wide range of scientific fields, such as social, administrative and economic sciences, engineering sciences, health and welfare sciences, as well as food sciences and applied art and culture studies.

According to official data, UNIWA is the third largest university in the country with regard to the number of undergraduate students whereas it hosts over 57,800 students in total. The University employs, on permanent basis, 608 faculty members, 138 special laboratory teaching and technical staff members, and 345 administrative staff members qualified to accomplish its high-standard teaching, research and administrative goals.

This combination of highly-skilled and experienced human resources, together with the existing modern infrastructure, has laid the foundation for further academic development of the University.

UNIWA offers a wide range of educational and lifelong learning services, including:

  • The undergraduate studies that lead to 4-year Bachelor’s (Level 6) and 5-year Engineering Diploma degrees.
  • Postgraduate studies leading to the completion of a postgraduate diploma (Level 7).
  • Doctoral studies (Level 8).
  • Lifelong learning and vocational training programmes.

modern Undergraduate and Postgraduate Studies, which give our graduates the opportunity to acquire specialized scientific knowledge

“UniWA is the third largest university in the country with regards to the number of undergraduate students (in regular season) whereas it hosts over 50,000 students in total”