Faithful to its philosophy of providing high-quality educational and research services, while taking into account the individual and collective needs of the academic community members and its students, UNIWA aims to continuously upgrade its educational resources and infrastructure.

Through its continuing commitment to providing high-quality educational services, UNIWA invests on the constant development and maintenance of model infrastructure for the support of its curricula. All of the activities in UNIWA are carried out in the modern facilities of the three campuses (Egaleo Park, Ancient Olive Grove and Athens), which provide modern teaching methods and research facilities, entertainment facilities and support for all our students. Furthermore, the three campuses, (apart from teaching and research facilities) dispose of conference centers, libraries, restaurants, fitness centers, health-care facilities, canteens, and leisure spaces for our students.

All the infrastructure of the three campuses meets national and international construction, energy management, lighting, electrical installations, hygiene, and safety standards.



The educational activities at UNIWA take place in the classrooms and amphitheaters of the three campuses. All rooms are equipped with modern furniture, suitable for educational purposes, and dispose of modern technological & educational equipment (video projectors, interactive boards, computers, high-speed Internet connection).



At UNIWA, there is a large number of operating laboratories, covering all educational needs of offered curricula. UNIWA’s modern, well-equipped laboratories constitute a quality reference point of its educational and research services.

Our students have access to laboratories equipped with modern technological and educational equipment (video projectors, overhead projectors, interactive boards, computers, Internet connection) as well as with the software required to support the highly-specialized laboratory classes.


Students also have access to the central libraries of the Egaleo Park, Ancient Olive Grove  and Athens campuses. All the libraries dispose of specialized staff and the appropriate facilities to support students in their study and research. The library website lists offered services and provides access to digital directories, online resources, online journals, and other scientific material.



All University events (meetings, conferences, seminars, graduation ceremonies) take place in the three modern conference centers of the Egaleo Park, Ancient Olive Grove and Athens campuses.

The Egaleo Park Campus Conference Center is a modern multi-purpose venue. It is located in the K1 central building. The Conference Center comprises the central hall of 455 square meters and 344 amphitheater type seats.

The Ancient Olive Grove Campus Conference Center, with capacity for up to 1,500 people, has been constructed on four levels of 5,000 square meters. It is a modern space, designed upon international building and accessibility standards, that combines high aesthetics and technology, with the aim of organizing high-demand events.

The Athens Campus disposes of a  smaller scale, yet fully-equipped Conference Center, offering an ideal option for organizing various events in the center of the city, conveniently located next to the ‘Ampelokipoi’ metro station.


All students of UNIWA have access to a range of high-quality electronic services based on modern applications of Information and Communication Technologies. More specifically, the students have free access to the following services:

  • Email,
  • Remote Access (VPN),
  • Microsoft Office Applications (Office 365),
  • Digital Libraries,
  • Research Repositories (HEAL-Link),
  • Asynchronous E-Learning (Moodle and E-Class)