International Collaborations

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UNIWA pays particular attention to the development of international collaborations, which aim both at international promotion of its educational and research projects and its international networking.

The international orientation of UNIWA is evident from its collaborations worldwide and the exchange opportunities it offers to students, teachers, researchers and staff through its active participation in mobility and exchange programs.

The international orientation of the University is achieved through the implementation of a series of actions focusing primarily on:

  • International bilateral scientific cooperation agreements with Higher Education Institutions, research centers and international organizations abroad.
  • Participation in international organizations, associations and networks of Higher Education Institutions.
  • Participation in international scientific cooperation and mobility training programs
  • Exchange of students, teachers, researchers and staff
  • Organization of international scientific conferences and scientific meetings
  • Attraction of distinguished international scientists


The University’s international relations strategy and guidelines are outlined by the Rectorate’s Principles and the Senate of the University, in collaboration with the Directorate for International and Public Relations.