Internship Opportunities

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UNIWA has developed and operates the Internship Office in the context of linking education with the labor market. The Internship Office of UNIWA is responsible for the design, coordination, organization and implementation of the Internships at each Department.

The program “Student Internship for the University of West Attica” is implemented through the frameworks “Development of Human Resources, Education and Lifelong Learning” and “Competitiveness Entrepreneurship and Innovation 2014-2020” co-funded by the European Union (European Social Fund – ESF) and National Resources.

The main objective of the framework is to provide a fruitful link between education and the labor market by combining theory and practice (learning by doing), while, at the same time, meeting an overriding need for innovation, which emerges as a major objective for practice in both a National and European level.

The objectives of the Internship are the following:

  • Inform trainees on the structure and operation of production units or services, on the social, economic and technological factors affecting working conditions, and on the active involvement of trainees in the processes and methods of production or service delivery.
  • Correlation of theoretical and laboratory knowledge acquired during studies with the methods applied to the productive processes of the Employment Agencies.
  • Interconnection of University’s Schools with the areas of production and industry and applied research to establish a two-way relationship.
  • Informing the graduates about the possibilities of undertaking business activities in their working environment.