Strategic Planning Unit


Each HEI (Higher Education Institute) draws up a strategic plan for academic development, in the framework of the national strategy for higher education, research and innovation, as well as its development strategy in the European and international territory (article 95 of Law 4812/2021, Government Gazette 110 / 30-06-2021, vol. A).

For this purpose, the University of West Attica incorporates a Strategic Planning Unit, which consists of the Rector as president and the six Deans of the Schools, as members having the following responsibilities:

  • it formulates and proposes to the competent bodies of the institution the strategic plan, the program planning agreements of the institution and the action plans for their implementation,
  • it monitors the course of their implementation, regularly informs the competent bodies of the institution, makes recommendations and suggests their revision,
  • it supports the coordination and implementation of the action plans of the institution and its individual academic and support units and services,
  • it manages an information system to monitor the implementation of the institution’s program planning agreements and cooperates with the National Authority of Higher Education,
  • it cooperates with the Quality Assurance Unit (MODIP) of the institution, processes and analyzes data on the operation of the academic and support units and services of the institution and the results of their operation,
  • it carries out studies to support academic development and achieves the goals of the institution or proposes their assignment to third parties.

The University incorporates an autonomous Department of Strategic Planning and Academic Development, entitled under the Rector, to assist, among others, the work of the Strategic Planning Unit.