Lifelong Learning



In order to meet the increased training, education, and specialization requirements that exist in Greek society and economy, UNIWA places particular emphasis on the implementation of Lifelong Learning programs.

In context of the above, and in relation to the National Law (2880 / 19-07-2018) the Lifelong Learning and Training Center was established in July 2018. The primary function for the Lifelong Learning and Training Center is the design, organization and implementation of a series of integrated training programs, continuing education, training and in general, lifelong learning in all areas of knowledge provided by the University.

The scientific staff comes mainly from the academic staff of the University and, whenever appropriate, specialized scientific collaborators are utilized through the University’s Educators Registry.

The UNIWA Lifelong Learning and Training Center constitutes an essential part of its integrated services both to members of its academic community and to the wider socio-economic environment, nationally and internationally.

The implementation of the programs is carried out in modern and well-organized facilities including a range of technologically equipped classrooms and laboratories. At the same time, a variety of programs offer the possibility of e-learning.

Upon successful completion of the training programs, participants receive a Lifelong Learning, Training or Vocational Certificate (depending on the nature and duration of the Program), while programs that meet the required specifications are eligible for ECTS (European Credit Transfer System) or ECVET (European Credit System for Vocational Education and Training) credits.

The programs of the Lifelong Learning and Training Center of UNIWA apply to any age-independent group of people, high school graduates, students, graduates, young scientists, unemployed citizens seeking successful access to the labor market, or even experienced staff who wish to acquire cutting-edge knowledge and skills in their fields of interest.