Rector’s Welcome

ο πρύτανης στο γραφείο του


“Our vision of UNIWA is not only to be established in our country, but also internationally as a first-choice, modern, and progressive university, with a publicly recognized and competitive role worldwide.”

Dear All,

As the first elected (2019) Rectorate Αuthorities of the state University of West Attica, we welcome you to our University, boasting the second largest student body in Attica and the third largest in Greece.

The emblem of our University is the ancient Athenian philosopher Plato, a student of Socrates, a teacher of Aristotle and the founder of the homonymous Academy. In fact, the archaeological site of the Academy, which is also regarded to be the first known ancient university with a focus on philosophy, mathematics, science and politics, is within easy reach of our campuses.

Our University, despite its recent establishment (2018), originates from three historical and dynamic educational and research entities in the region of Attica, the Technological Educational Institute of Athens, the Piraeus University of Applied Sciences and the National School of Public Health, which has produced thousands of graduates and contributed to the development of the country and also worldwide. The first two Institutes have had a remarkable 45 years course since their establishment, nearly 20 years of which, in Higher Education. The National School of Public Health was founded in 1929 by Eleftherios Venizelos, a Greek statesman who was elected 8 times as Prime Minister and is considered as the “maker of modern Greece”, preserving an outstanding contribution of 90 years.

Hence, we arrive at the establishment of the new University of West Attica bringing forth high academic standards, capitalizing on the individual attributes of outstanding former institutions and creating economies of scale and deep scope. It consists of 6 Schools (School of Public Health, School of Administrative, Economics & Social Sciences, School of Food Sciences, School of Health and Care Sciences, School of Applied Arts and Culture and School of Engineering) and 27 Departments covering a vast variety of scientific fields.

The University facilities span three campuses in the West Attica area (two located in the Municipality of Egaleo – in Egaleo Park and in the Ancient Olive Grove – and the third in Athens), while a fourth campus is currently being developed in the area of Moschato. UNIWA has approximately 57,800 undergraduate, 5,500 postgraduate and 780 doctoral students enrolled; a number that is rapidly increasing, given the fact that the pre-existing institutions did not have the authority to provide doctoral studies.

Our strategy is to invest in people and our practice is to co-operate with the academic community based on a system of values, trust, stability and credibility with ethics and justice, providing equal opportunities and applying the university’s meritocracy and accountability to society. At the same time, we are encouraging the intensification of digital transformation, innovation and academic cosmopolitanism.

We strive for the entire academic community to work harmoniously and creatively, with a common vision, for the University of West Attica to be established as a first-choice, modern, and progressive university, with a publicly recognized and competitive role in worldwide education and research.

Welcome to a pleasant and multicultural day-to-day Higher Education Institute. A place where all of us, along with our students, can live and socialize. A University that prioritizes health, self-determination, dignity, culture, sport and ecology.

We are at your disposal,

The Rector
Panagiotis E. Kaldis, PhD

November 2020