Career Counselling

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UNIWA offers advisory and career guidance services from specialized consultants; these services have been developed to provide substantial support and to assist students and graduates progress in their professional development. The services offered by the Department are as follows:

At an advisory level:

  • Provides employment and career counseling services, through individual sesions, to explore interests and job preferences, career plans, and continuous training or research opportunities in Greece and abroad.
  • Provides employment and career counseling services through individual and/or group sessions on topics such as resume writing, selection interview, cover letter writing, personal dossier preparation, and job search techniques.
  • Supports activities that contribute to the vocational guidance of secondary school students and graduates regarding the specialties and the work of the University.
  • Organization of Events – Seminars – Exhibitions – Workshops on the work of the Department as well as promotion of the services, actions and results of the Department through publicity actions.
  • Collaborate with a network of Academic Advisors (faculty members) for guidance on education and career issues.
  • Collaboration with a Mentor network.
  • Participation in third party events.
  • In-person individual and group sessions by specialized staff, to investigate inclinations and skills through questionnaires and psychometric tools.


At a research level

  • Development and editing of consultation material in both hard copy and electronic form.
  • Conduct research-studies on the graduates’ career path and the labor mar
  • Monitoring the professional development of students and graduates who used the services in order to evaluate the work of the department.