Healthcare Services


According to the provisions of Law 4452 / 15-02-2017 (A ’17), article 31, paragraph 3, “undergraduate and postgraduate students and doctoral candidates who have no other medical and hospital care shall be entitled to full medical and nursing care in the National Health System (NHS), by covering the relevant costs from the National Health Service Organization (NHSF), in accordance with article 33 of Law 4368 / 2016 (A ’83)” only with the use of their social security number (AMKA).

In the context of providing more effective primary health-care to both the students and staff, there are clinics located at the University’s campuses.

In addition to the clinics that operate on each campus, there are specialized clinics in collaboration with faculty members who belong to the University’s School of Health and Care Sciences. Indicatively, we refer to the operation of the following clinics:

  • Gynecological Clinic: As part of its operation, complete gynecological ultra-sound and Doppler examinations are performed.
  • Ophthalmic – Ophthalmology Clinic: As part of its operation, optometrics and general ophthalmology are performed.
  • Ultrasound Office: As part of its operation, body and vessel ultrasounds are performed.
  • Dermatology Clinic: As part of its operation, dermatological examinations are performed.