The University of West Attica, leveraging the creative collaboration and tireless efforts of the entire academic community, has set its multifold mission:

To provide excellent education through high-quality undergraduate and postgraduate programs in a wide variety of scientific fields; to cultivate arts and culture so that its students can acquire the necessary skills for their scientific and professional careers, thus contributing to the social and economic development of the country.



The vision of UNIWA is to evolve and establish itself as a high-level academic and research institute at both national and international levels, while contributing to the current state-of-the-art scientific, social and economic challenges worldwide.



The principal values ​​ of the University focus, primarily, on the following:

  • Respect: We respect and trust all members of the academic community, our students, our associates, and above all, society, always striving to meet its needs.





UNIWA aims to meet the educational, social, cultural, and developmental needs of the country, the scientific fields it serves, in addition to promoting research and disseminating innovative scientific knowledge and technical expertise.



Following the core philosophy of both our mission and our vision, UNIWA focuses on creating added value through actions that address the following areas:

  • provision of high-level educational services,
  • conduct original scientific research,
  • diffusion of “know-how” and best practices,
  • production and dissemination of scientific knowledge,
  • development of active synergies between the society, the labor market and academia.