The mission of UNIWA is to provide education of excellent quality in the fields of study, scientific breakthroughs with globally reputation-communicated to the society- and promote culture, art and civilization.


The vision of the University of West Attica is the recognition nationally and globally as a high rank dynamic, modern and progressive university with public character and competitive internationally.



The main strategic directions of the University of West Attica indicate the strategic planning of the Institution through the implementation of specific goals. Efficiency indexes are set and their evaluation under the effective and strategic administration, can lead to the completion of the University’s mission.
The Strategic directions of the University of West Attica:

  • Educational Excellence
  • Research Development
  • Digital Transformation
  • Improvement of Academic Environment
  • Accountability and Transparency
  • Extroversion – Internationalization
  • Sustainability and Sustainable management of Resources
  • Quality Assurance


The University of West Attica has developed and establish procedures of quality assurance policy as a part of its Strategic Planning, approved by the 9th meeting of The Quality Assurance Unit (05.05.2020) and the decision of the 4th meeting of the Senate (08.06.2020).

In the Quality Policy Statement mentioned the rules of Internal Quality Management System (IQM-System) boosting the development and the recognition nationally, in Europe and globally in the academic area as an example of innovation and excellency.




Following the core philosophy of both our mission and our vision, UNIWA focuses on creating added value through actions that address the following areas:

  • provision of high-level educational services,
  • conduct original scientific research,
  • diffusion of “know-how” and best practices,
  • production and dissemination of scientific knowledge,
  • development of active synergies between the society, the labor market and academia.