University Leadership



The Senate

According to Greek law, the University Senate is composed of:

  • The Rector
  • The Deans
  • The Heads of Departments
  • Student representatives, whose participation equals to 10% of the total number of Senate members of the above categories
  • Three representatives, one each from the University’s staff categories of Special Teaching Staff, Laboratory Teaching Staff, and Special Technical Laboratory Staff.
  • One representative of the Administrative Staff of the Institution.


The Schools

The University is composed of Schools, which are its basic academic body. A School covers a field of related scientific disciplines and ensures an interdisciplinary approach, communication between these disciplines and the coordination needed for their teaching and research. The School oversees and coordinates the operation of the Departments, in accordance with their Studies Regulations.

School authorities

  • The Dean
  • The School Council
  • The General Assembly of the School


The Departments

The Departments comprise the core educational and academic units of the University targeting the promotion of science, technology or the arts in the relevant scientific fields. They carry out all educational processes within the framework of their curricula and ensure the continuous improvement in teaching and learning.

Department authorities

  • Head of Department
  • General Assembly of the Department and, if they have been established, Divisions
  • Division Director
  • General Assembly of the Division