Energy Efficient Appliances

Highly energy efficient LED luminaires for interior lighting not only along UNIWA’s hallways, but also inside offices and laboratories. Furthermore, on university’s sidewalks LED column bollards have been installed for the safety of pedestrians.


PV system

At Egaleo Park Campus, a 2KW Photovoltaic system and a 1KW horizontal axis Wind Turbine are installed.


At the Ancient Olive Grove Campus, several PV systems are installed:

  • PV system of 1KWp
  • PV system of 1KWp
  • PV system of 3KWp using also for charging Electric Vehicles
  • In addition, there is also installed a 1KW, horizontal axis, low noise, Wind Turbine capable of producing energy at low wind speeds.

Green Building Implementation

Elements of Green Building Implementation are reflected in all University construction and renovation projects.

  • Insulation of the roofs of buildings and installation of green roofs.
  • Installation of shading devices (electric shading systems, glass made facades with adjustable blinds) for shading the southern glass surfaces of buildings.
  • Classic dome skylights for natural lighting.

Cogeneration Power Station

The Cogeneration Power Station (CPS) of our University Campus has been developed providing 600 kW of maximum electrical power, 650 kW of heat and almost 850 kW of cooling using the absorption technique. According to the initial operational data concerning the commissioning phase, the output of the Cogeneration Plant covers a significant part of the University energy needs.

The electricity produced by the CPS is offered at medium voltage of 20 kV/50 Hz via the appropriate transformers and is connected to the proposed position of the control board of the the Ancient Olive Campus. Finally, the CPS unit is also integrated with a thermal storage tank of hot water, mainly used for feeding the boilers of the respective buildings in case of extremely cold days.

Zero Emission Vehicles Policy on Campus

  • Electric Vehicle bus for regular and charge-free services among students and staff.
  • The first standalone Solar Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging Station in the country, “CARPORT”, free of charge for UNIWA members and visitors that own EV.


It should be noted that under the National plan of the Greek Government for Electric Mobility, UNIWA has already preordered two EVs for the optimum integration of electromobility in the academic society.

The university mapped energy in all three campuses, resulting in 35933 m² of energy efficient buildings and it plans to address energy deficiencies in all  existing campuses based on the specific needs of its building.

In addition, the technical service of the university reviews energy consumption  in existing buildings and identifies areas of high energy consumption.

This review is effectuated annually.

Moreover, the new building in Aigaleo Park campus is fully conformed to have the  highest energy efficiency.